Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Community Gardening Projects

 Community Gardening Projects

Since the beginning of September, Mairtin and I have been back working on our community garden projects in Newbridge and Allenwood. The men's group in the Newbridge Family Resource centre have this autumn started into doing FETAC Level 3 horticulture, we're keeping the vegetable patch going, planting it up for winter with onions, garlic, spelt, green manures and some spring cabbages! We're hoping to expand this autumn and get some money for a polytunnel and expand the vegetable patch, and maybe even get an orchard and woodland in, fingers crossed! Over in Allenwood, Mairtin is doing the locally devised module, developed by the lads in KEEP in Kerry, it's called 'Local Organic Food', so they're sprouting seeds, storing vegetables and putting together a local cook book, I'm continuing on with a new FETAC Level 3 group, who are lovely, and we're working away doing a bit of seedsaving, harvesting and crops for the winter!

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