Saturday, January 21, 2012

GROW - growing for 'EDIBLE' at the SCIENCE GALLERY!!

GROW have recently been asked to get involved in the next exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin. The next exhibitions' theme is 'EDIBLE', so it deals with contemporary concerns around food, eating, heath, biodiversity, local food, slow food etc. We've been asked and have been working on for the past  month a project with heritage potatoes and seeds, specifically working with Irish Seedsavers, who have kindly sent us up several heritage potato varieties and seeds to grow and work with. The potatoes are currently chitting in my office! And we are trying to trick the seedlings into thinking its spring already in a heated propagator in Mairtin's polytunnel in Newbridge! These heritage seeds and potatoes, look to raise people's awareness around preserving the diverse heritage of our native seeds, potato tubers and apple trees. The exhibition is opening on February 10th and should be well worth checking out!

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