Saturday, January 21, 2012

LOCAL AGENDA 21 - Donadea Tree Nursery Project!

GROW have been granted two Local Agenda 21 grants this year to continue on with our woodland education programme!! Yay! We've been successful for the first time in receiving a grant from Kildare County Council for this project, so finally getting stuck in locally with our beautiful North Kildare woods - Donadea Forest Park. We're hoping to be able to link in and work with the schools local to the area, and really make it a 'local' woodland education programme, with the main focus with this project being the development of a 'Tree Nursery Project', the idea being that in the autumn the kids will gather tree seeds from the woods, bring them to their school, build a nursery bed and plant the seeds in the bed. They will then be nursed and minded by the students and hopefully in the spring time then there will be a healthy bed of young saplings, with the idea that maybe in a couple of years time they might be able to plant the trees back into Donadea and plant a native woodland in their own school. Very exciting! If you're a school in the Donadea area please feel free to get in touch with us, we'd be delighted to hear from you! I'll be keeping the blog updated as the project develops!

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  1. Nice one Lucy. I was out in Donadea on 14th of January with some members of the Kildare branch of Bat Conservation Ireland putting up bat boxes, mostly around the lake. You can point them out to the kids - mine is no. 4! Pat